What is Transpersonal Art Therapy?  (TAT)


"Trans" is from the Latin meaning  “across,” “beyond,” “through”  and  while we meet each person as a unique individual, the transpersonal aspect refers to working with creative processes, symbols (both collective in the culture and personal, unique to you) , story (again the collective ones or those personal to you), dreams, visualizations, meditation, sensing and feeling states, movement and embodying events (some would call these 'rituals') in order to activate self realisation and healing. The body/mind also has a "healing and protective force" that is within everyone, which on one level helps us heal from cuts, or may give us a strong intuitive feeling when something isn't right or a dream that offers a guiding image, if we listen.


As Jung showed, an individual's unconscious draws imagery from the "collective unconscious" and the unconscious is not only where repressed events can hold up but is also a great source of creativity, healing and visioning; it is the ground of the imagination. And the question remains where is the unconscious located? Accessing the wisdom of the body and intuitive knowing is certainly a part of my practice and I will invite you to pay attention there.


The transpersonal process is not about "fixing" but about journeying with you to activate the body/mind's natural healing mechanisms.


My experience is we are not alone in this work but when we seek the greater truth of who we are, that life and spirit respond to the call.