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Private Sessions

What happens in a Private Session.  

Duration is 60 mins.

Some people come with specific questions, issues or goals. Others have a feeling or sense something is not right. Initially through talking about what is happening for you, an aspect of your life will come to the fore. We may then set a goal for the session or for a set of sessions.

A session can be fully talk based, if that is what you prefer or it may include a short visual process to help elaborate something resisting being talked about, or it may involve a longer art process.

All creative processes are invitations

If a more involved creative processes feels appropriate, I will describe it to you and invite you to engage. It might involve crayons, paint, collage, clay or something else. If it doesn't appeal to you, we can modify it or work with another process. As you create I sit with you and we might talk during that time or not. For maximum focus and being in that 'zone' we keep talking to a minimum. 


When you are ready... the art process can take 20 - 40 mins..I ask you questions about what you've created. This draws out  associations, intentions or perhaps, an emotional blind spot. In this way we go deeper and something can be revealed your

conscious mind wasn't aware of, and which wouldn't be if a session was only relying on words. 


Your answers are within you so help you bring them to the fore,   either through creative process or through talk-based counselling.


There can be releases just through the power of expression particularly when something has been pushed out of consciousness.  At other times unravelling a conundrum or a set of unhelpful beliefs clears energy that is unknowingly tied up. All situations, people and sessions are different but the same in that self reflection helps us to stay closer to our truth and drop unhealthy beliefs that keep us from growing and deepening. 


At the end of a session I might suggest processes you can do at home. Committing to a set of sessions can help you settle into the process and follow through to attain a goal. 





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