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About me.

In this work I draw from my own art practice,
my training and experience in Transpersonal Art Therapy and
my Masters of Fine Arts research.

Western culture is waking up to the knowledge Indigenous cultures have employed for millennia; art processes have energising and healing powers. 


Art based processes offer ways to not only engage with, enjoy and appreciate surfaces, colours, patterns and imagery, but to go deeper into exploring the psyche. Imagination and science each offer light for the way.  I would love to be your guide to self exploration through creative means.



2012 - 2023 Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling Candidature

My recent study is towards integrating Counselling with Art Therapy. 

COFA, University of New South Wales
2012  Masters of Fine Arts,  High  Distinction.

​In my Masters of Fine Arts I researched how physical conditions can at times be being healed through talking therapy, exploring this phenomena through traditional and digital media; moving and still imagery. Traditional media elements were oil paintings on canvas. Moving image work included two shorts - one surreal and the other, a documentary format featuring animation and impressionistic imagery to bring memories to life, plus interview and historical footage. This research informs my understanding of the benefit of deep communication, pointing to where healing art practices can also be of benefit to individuals. 

2010 - present

College of Complementary Medicine, Phoenix Institute.

Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy

2010 - 2013

The course involved each student undergoing our own reflective, therapeutic practices and in conjunction with other students. The course involved workshops, tutorials, readings, essay writing, work placements and one-on-one case studies. 

2010 - present

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