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Seven process keys 

Exploring always happens in creativity - you explore colour, shapes, patterns, images and how they sit together and speak to each other.


In one on one sessions exploration also happens in conversation through turning over what is going on in your life or perhaps, is not going on, but you would like it to be.  


After something arises in the conversation which feels in that time, to be the core of what needs attention  I invite you to engage with an art processes and play/explore a theme.




The exploring continues - through working and playing with images, stories, maps, patterns, shapes, collages, masks, clay  or other objects or materials. 


Play leads to discovery and in itself has therapeutic affects!


Play is expressive.

Explore, play, express, create, reflect, discover, direct.



In guided processes you get to express what is needing to be expressed and at times what comes up may surprise you. If something has hurt or affected you but remains unspoken or unprocessed this expressive release can be vital to your wellbeing.  Being supported and "held" in the process lowers your stress level and will often unhinge an internal blocks. In documenting Dr Broom's mind/body therapy in my Masters research, I have witnessed how some diseases are aleviated through therapy or even ushered fully out of the body.


Through visual expression and exploration, you create.


We live in a creative Universe and so the very stuff we are made of has happened through - if you follow science - simple elements becoming ever more complex over great swathes of time and eventually giving birth to the beauty of biological life.  Less becomes more and more becomes us. Creativity is in our DNA and we have made, imagined, decorated, sung and danced since culture began


Beyond creating being enjoyable in itself you create so there are forms to reflect upon.


There is that very famous phrase... from Socrates ..."The unexamined life is not worth living."  Through open questions I encourage you to reflect on what you have created, to find any emotions, stories or associations with what is happening or has happened in your life.


Reflecting is vital to how the processes work for wellbeing whether in groups or with individuals, but you are always free to share or hold back with what you are feeling or thinking.


Reflection turns up discoveries.


Through the processes outlined above you may discover what has been hidden in a situation from your more conscious self, or find levels of self understanding that were obscured before. You may also discover you have capabilities and desires you were unaware of. 


You can choose to affect or work further with what has arisen or been revealed in a session and direct yourself towards an inner or outer goal via creative processes.


In directing yourself towards an internal and/or external goal you might make an image, collage or sculpture ...which while you are making it and when you see it will work on not only your conscious self but also your unconscious self,  a very powerful part of the mind. When you feed you mind with this input you help to direct yourself to opening up and developing that greater possibility for yourself and your life. 


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