I described working one on one and my work in India in a school with Tamil children. I showed a film I made about the art therapist I worked with in India  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4mVs0ng_Ok


People moved between each facilitator's so they experienced all four of our approaches and styles. Participants responses to the day were hugely enthusiastic. 


Art for Wellbeing
A Community Event


These images are from an "Art for Wellbeing" day I proposed to the Randwick Council that they support. It was faciltated by myself and three other practitioners at the Town Hall and seventy people attended.  It was open to all over 16, free and four hours long.  The second of two days, responses were unreservedly enthusiastic. More were planned.


Art for Wellbeing is unknown to many people so we began with a presentation about the context each practitioner/presenter works in; Michelle Jersky on the creative group she facilitates in La Perouse for Aborignal Mothers and Babies, Lynda Kennedy on working with the aged and veterans and Mim Wood on working in Randwick hospital. 




"WOW!!!! I spent an amazing Saturday afternoon at the Art for Wellbeing workshop and wanted to express a HUGE thank you!


Not only was it an afternoon of fun, but importantly a useful tool for personal reflection and opening one’s mind to possibilities – important for me at a time of personal change…


This has been one of the most inspiring workshops I have attended and would see great benefits in more people attending these sessions…I would HIGHLY recommend it!


Many thanks for this fantastic initiative."


"Thank you so much to you and everyone involved in Saturday's 'Art for Wellbeing' day.  Obviously a lot of work and preparation went into making it a success. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to be creative in a relaxed and non-judgemental situation."









"Many many thanks for a terrific workshop. My husband and I wanted to send the positive feedback that we enjoyed the entire afternoon. "




"Thank you for putting on the Art for Wellbeing workshop today. I found it to be both informative and experiential and felt positively impacted by the opportunity to explore through art-making. Is there a mailing list that I can be part of for any future events of this nature? I am interested in any arts based healing, mental health and creative seminars/workshops."





"I am writing to congratulate you and Randwick Council for a very successful Art Therapy Workshop held on Saturday 11 April 2015.


It was very well organised and with the help of the facilitators you have certainly coordinated an interesting event where people from all walks of life and ages engaged in an inspiring artistic experience."



"I thought the workshop was a very worthwhile event, and that it was great that we could each do our own thing without feeling constrained by lack of ability!  There was a lot of material available at most of the sessions, so we could be as creative as we wanted to be, and I liked the fact that we were exposed to different approaches and techniques.  It was mostly a very relaxing day, and I enjoyed the experience."