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Groups and Projects

Exploring the Heroines/Hero Journey 


The above image "Lovers Meet" is from a series of cards I designed  based on the idea of the Heroine's journey, which in turn was adapted from the Hero's Journey, the myth structure that Joseph Campbell the great scholar of myth, found in folk stories world wide.  They are designed to be used in art therapy one-on-one sessions for a process where you pull three cards. Unlike a tarot reading, you find the meanings through me  asking questions.

They may be for sale soon, either singly or as fine art print.

Love- ability... a group, a project.


Where is the Cert IV in love?

We stumble and feel our way in romantic relationships, particularly now when male/female roles and expectations are radically shifting. Some are lucky they stumble only momentarily, then dance and the dance long time...but for many love slips by or keeps disappointing.  


In seven weeks dive in deep to the beliefs you carry about love, turn them over, discover what is in your way, complete relationships where you are not honoured, release what is not love in your life... expand to love and call in your big love.  


This group uses the text ( which is also a course) by Katherine Woodward Thomas called Calling In The One. Theres a reading everyday and a process from the book.  The group meets once a week to talk about what has arisen from the processes.  I hold the group and lead with meditations and there will be some art processes.  I am not an expert in love but a fellow journeyer who has training in art therapy. I was inspired to start the group after a powerful  "taster" experience opened up following on from setting my intention and completing a powerful process from the book.  I seek to hold you safely in your exploration and widen it with other processes in each meeting.

Its a seven week journey in expanding love- ability; to give, attract, receive, create love and as I see it, towards being able to stand in love, rather than fall and lose oneself. Its about loosing any negative patterns in relationships that you may have. Its about attracting love in the form that is best for you, whether it may be a soul mate to support you in your life, as you them, or a fabulous lover. Its about being able to call in that lover/partner thats right for you through intention, commitment and by becoming resonant within yourself to your desire. Its about developing the particularly feminine power, to resonate and attract.

When we meet there'll be a meditation, discussion and an art or other process. The daily readings, journalling and other processes that you do by yourself require at least 30-40 mins a day or if not each day then you might do two a day and then a break. Its a commitment.  It's best to follow through and do them  but at the same time all the processes are helpful and if you miss them you can revisit!

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